A100 Undulator Day 3 Pinnacles to Waikuku Lodge

DESC 25 km 4 wd streams and native bush in Aorangi Range  ..awesome views.



Starts Pinnacles car Park ends at Waikuku Lodge

Last year’s route can be viewed here on Mapmyrun.

Start at Pinnacles car park (20 min down road from bach) and run up the main river valley for a few minutes. On the left side of valley you will see a sign that says Pinnacles The High Way, take this route up to the main Aorangi Track. At the top you will turn left (right is towards Washpol where you have come from the day before!) then after a few minutes you will get to another intersection that says To Sunderlands Hut. Take this turn that descends to a river valley (stream) the 4 wd will cross the river and goes up other side. This is the start of a major undulation that will last for about 1- 1hr 30 min . Once you get to the tops it opens out and hopefully you will get some views. The only place you can get lost is the first major intersection that goes left or right. Take the right that descends this is the main ridge . the one that goes up and left is the wrong one and eventally drops to a major river valley DONT GO THAT WAY. After this its all undulating 4wd until you get to the big rocky descent to Sunderlands Hut valley. Once you get to bottom turn right and follow 4wd that keeps crossing river. It eventually gets to a last uphill.

ALT 1400m


Pinnacles to Waikuku

TIME 4-5 hours