Southern Main Range (SMR)

DESC Also known as Tararua Peaks. Start Otaki Forks run to Waitawaewae …There is a new track now .Then climb up Junction knob (v big climb) along the main range including the infamous ladder (turn right at top of ladder) turn right at Bridge Peak for the descent of glory

TIME: Record 8:21 Rudi Smith

ASCENT: 3100m
DIST: 46km

MAP (Click the map below for a larger version and downloading. Print for A3 paper size)


GPX: Southern Main Range GPX File

Apocalypse Run


Others SMR Loopers:

Big Sunday Runners
Andy Carruthers and crew: 22 hours 2016 (Including night at OF for night plus had extra slip at start extra 2 hours)

Danny Garrett

Dave Allen/Lou Beckingsale: 12 hours 2015

Chris Martin/P Helm/RCJ/ Laurence P /Swallow: 13 hours 2013

Colin Rolfe: 9 hours approx 2000?

Roel V and Barrett Hocking 15 hrs

Andrew Martin 2018 12 hours 50

Dougal T, James C, Andrew Tomo 10 54

Michael and Jean Beaumont 11 40

Al 10 hours and change

Warrant Officer Iain Atkinson /Paul Helm

Tim Sutton/Andy Good