Ruahine G-W

DESC The Ruahine version of The Tararua SK….A Bigger version.

When you have completed the Tararuas move on to the Ruahine

The northern section is generally pretty straightforward. Deep tussock around

.1478 (N of Armstrong saddle)  being a bit scratchy in the dip between Armstrong saddle and Te Atuaoparapara. Then, unless you need a bed or water I wouldn’t go down to Waikamaka Hut, but just head up the other side of the Waipawa saddle until you hit the ridge, and turn SW for .1635.

For a first attempt, I’d still suggest heading SW from Otumore and finishing up on Knights/Shorts track, down to Sixtus Lodge. Much more civilised and runnable.

Sawtooth is no big deal (although it’s always a personal thing) – it’s not as exposed as the Tararua Peaks, but then it isn’t as well trodden, either. The sawtooth ridge is easy.  There is a gnarly one peak Te Hekenga.

Generally Steep ups and lovely on the tops, gently undulating .

Mokai Patea ridge very wide and easy to get lost on.  The track is indistinct.

Ruahine Corner hut is gorgeous.

Lots of tussock ……



ALT 8000m

DIST `114km

GPX: Ruahine GPX


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